Drawboard User Hub


The Drawboard User Hub is the best place for you to request features, raise issues and educate yourself on how to get the most out of Drawboard PDF. The team here at Drawboard meet regularly to discuss your requests and we believe this is an important part of enhancing the App for the community.

Here at Drawboard, we are committed to providing you with the user experience you truly deserve. Your requests can take a while to implement and deliver so please be patient, we are listening to you and your votes count.

We mark ideas as “under review” when we are actively discussing them, they are marked as “planned” when we are implementing them and “completed” when they have been released.

As you add ideas please make sure to check that your idea does not already exist, if it does just upvote it and add your comments.

So please go ahead vote and add requests for the features that are most important to you and most of all enjoy Drawboarding!

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