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Automatic shape recognition and convertion

What I love about Drawboard is the speed of your workflow. But there is one major feature that I am missing: Automatic shape recognition and convertion.
Imagin, if you drew a rectangle with the pen it would automatically convert it to a perfect rectangle. If you drew a straight (long) line, it would automatically convert it to a perfect line. Same goes for circles and ellipses.
One wouldn't have to constantly switch between the tools on the hotbar. Furthermore if you are like me and dislike having more tools on the hotbar than it fits, for different colored rectangles/ circles/ arrows you always have to navigate through the circle menu. Selecting the colored pen and drawing the shapes would greatly increase my performance.

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  • Marios commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great app! Could you:
    1.Make page movement and sound as for real book, like the ezpdf?
    2.Create a library/bookshelf for the pdfs I have recently used and not just a list?
    3.Convert pdf to word/excel and the opposite?
    4.Create a funtion for automatically changing my handwritten notes to typewritten ones, including shapes?
    Thank you!

  • Jonathan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would gladly pay way more then 9.99$ if I could add custom icons. Anyone making or modifying plans need to have his custom icons / shapes. To have an import button that could import either PDF / EPS / AI icons and then being able to have on a separate task bar would be really amazing..

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