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  1. Drawboard PDF PRO 

    1. What is Drawboard PDF PRO?
    2. How do I get Drawboard PDF PRO?
    3. Managing your PRO Subscription
    4. Why have we chosen the payment structure that we have for Drawboard PDF PRO?
    5. PRO: Grid/Line Overlays
  2. Important 

    1. How do I change Drawboard PDF to Chinese, and then back to English?
    2. Cannot Open Drawboard PDF. Error: 0x803f8001
    3. Windows 10 update on Surface 3 removes Drawboard PDF
    4. Drawboard states trial expired but I purchased the app from the Windows Store
    5. Why can't I share from Drawboard PDF to Outlook Desktop or O365?
  3. Drawboard PDF V5+ Tutorials 

    1. The Advanced Tools Drawer.
    2. Move the favorites bar to a different side of the screen
    3. Disable page number and zoom display
    4. Search a document
    5. Add or change the author name
  4. General 

    1. My trial expired can I get an extension ?
    2. I returned my device, how do I get a refund for my apps ?
    3. Downloading my files from Dropbox is not working
    4. I can not find Drawboard PDF in the Windows Store, has it been removed?
    5. I have paid, but the app hasn't activated. I haven't received my activation key. What do I do?
  5. FAQ 

    1. What version of Drawboard PDF am I running?
    2. How do I rate and review Drawboard PDF?
    3. The size of my file is very large, can I reduce this?
    4. Why isn't inking by touch smooth?
    5. Why is my bluetooth pointer not working?
  6. All articles 

    1. I have an activation key. How do I use it?
    2. Drawboard does not work on all my devices ?
    3. My trial expired can I get an extension ?
    4. What version of Drawboard PDF am I running?
    5. Add an item to the favorites toolbar

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