Drawboard PDf support is moving. If you need to get in touch please don't use the forums, instead head on over to our new knowledge base and find our help widget.

What is Drawboard PDF PRO?

The Drawboard team have worked hard to get Drawboard PDF to where it is today, and we will always continue to make it better, whilst also making it as accessible as possible.

Our team realizes that not everyone needs advanced and powerful functions that are on our roadmap, and so we decided to put these brand new features into a tier called 'Drawboard PDF PRO' (i.e. they were never in the base app in the first place). Currently included in Drawboard PDF PRO are:
  • Document Builder - Merge and rearrange pages within a collection of PDFs
  • Measurement Tools - Linear distances and areas
  • Protractor with Ruler - Find the perfect angle and draw to a snapped ruler
  • Grid and Line templates and overlays - Create new PDFs with templates or overlay an existing PDFs with guides to sketch or handwrite
  • Text Callouts
  • Engineering Line Styles.
We also realize that our customers who do not require the PRO features don't want to be faced with update/maintenance costs that often come with modern software. We believe we found the best solution so that only customers who wish to access PRO features can do so through a timed payment, and those who do not don't have to. More information behind the thinking of the payment structure can be found here.

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