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Why have we chosen the payment structure that we have for Drawboard PDF PRO?

Deciding how to charge customers for a product is always going to be a challenge. We wish to delight customers as much as possible with an affordable, accessible app that continually gets better, whilst also keeping our team fed.

We want to make Drawboard PDF the best app possible, and so we need to ensure we match the blood, sweat and tears we put into its development with a payment structure that pays the bills.

Many modern day software charge annual updates or maintenance fees, however we have chosen a model that we believe strikes the right balance. Customers who buy Drawboard PDF from the Windows Store need only purchase the app once and they can own it forever (they will always receive updates and improvements for free) - an awesome deal.

The features included in the app up until the release of Drawboard PDF PRO will remain in the main app and always will. The main app will always be maintained, improved and continue to receive new features, even if you acquired it years ago. 

A point of difference we intend for Drawboard PDF is to make sure that you own the app forever and we never come out with 'Drawboard PDF 2, Drawboard PDF 3... etc.', or variations of that, which is what many other software providers do (and charge for). There is always going to be a development cost in maintaining and improving software for many reasons and developers need to match this work with the usage of the product. 

Timed payments have been introduced for PRO features to match the development efforts to improve the overall app and to help us progress PRO feature releases. We believe that, compared to other software products, the amounts are very affordable. In addition - we don't create a disjointed experience where we have two separate apps for pro and non-pro editions. At any point where you don't have the PRO level, you will always still have access to the main app.

We believe that this payment structure will ensure all customers receive the best possible app we can deliver now and in the future.

Founder & CEO

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