PRO: Gridded/Lined Templates for Blank PDFs

**NOTE: This is a Drawboard PDF PRO feature only**

A newly created PDF with grids or lines can be accessed by adding a new tab, then selecting 'Blank Document'. Under 'Page Style', choose 'Grid Paper' in the dropdown box. This will expose a new dropdown box that allows the selection of the following templates:
  • Notebook paper
  • Gregg Ruled Paper
  • Pitman Ruled Paper
  • Graph paper 1/8"
  • Graph paper 1/4"
  • Graph paper 1/2"
  • Graph paper 1 cm
  • Engineering Grid
  • Isometric Grid 1/2"
  • Isometric Grid 1/2"
  • Isometric Grid 1 cm

The following screenshot shows where to access templates in the create new 'Blank Document' screen:

Once this template is chosen, then it cannot be removed from the PDF.

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