PRO: Protractor/Ruler

**NOTE: This is a Drawboard PDF PRO feature only**

  Drawboard PDF PRO introduces a protractor and ruler tool.

The protractor tool can be toggled on and off the screen by tapping on the button near the bottom of the left hand side menu (with the green PRO badge).

With this tool you can:
  • Set an angle anywhere between 0° to 360° with your finger/pen/mouse by sliding it radially around the protractor tool. Pro tip: if you start the motion on the protractor then move it far away from the tool, you will have much finer control on the angulation
  • Tap the protractor tool once to toggle between slow and fast angulation
  • Draw with any ink tool to obtain a ruled line under the ruler guides
  • Set the measurement calibration from the measurement tool set within the radial menu. The measurement units can be set from within Settings
  • Move the protractor around the screen by dragging it from the center of the tool
To turn it off, tap the center of the tool.

For Surface Dial users:
The Surface Dial integrates with the protractor tool so that finding the perfect angle is very easy. Tap the Dial again to toggle between fast and slow.

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