PRO: Document Builder - Merge and rearrange PDFs

**NOTE: This is a Drawboard PDF PRO feature only**

With Document Builder you can:
  • Merge PDF together
  • Rearrange Pages
  • Rotate/Delete multiple Pages
Access the Document Builder by Opening a new Tab

Tap on 'Document Builder'

Once you are in the Document Builder, you can add PDFs, then rearrange, manipulate and merge as you like. A breakdown is as follow:

  1. Give your new PDF a title
  2. Drag PDF to reorder
  3. Add another PDF to the list
  4. Remove PDF from the list
  5. Change the PDF page range to be involved in the new merge
  6. Tap on thumbnails in the main view to select multiple pages for manipulation - drag them around the screen to reorder pages
  7. Use the selection tools to get the pages you are after
  8. Rotate selected pages
  9. Duplicate selected pages
  10. Remove/delete selected pages
  11. Change the size of the page thumbnails
  12. Once you are finished, save the combined PDF

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