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How do I get Drawboard PDF PRO?

Note: You will need to be on Windows Anniversary (1602) edition or higher to access Drawboard PDF PRO.

You can access and pay for Drawboard PDF PRO by selecting any of the PRO features then following the prompts.

(There is also a three day trial available)

These features include:
  • Document Builder
  • Measurement Tools
  • Protractor with Ruler (example shown below)
  • Grid and Line templates and overlays

Tap on any of these and then you will find a prompt that looks like the following:

From here you can select your 30 day, 90 day or 365 day option, then tap on 'Buy now' to complete your purchase.

You can also bring this prompt up in another way. Go to the settings and select the Drawboard PDF PRO button.

To find out more about Drawboard PDF PRO click here or to know why we chose the have we chosen the payment structure that we have for Drawboard PDF PRO, then please click here.

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