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The Advanced Tools Drawer.

The Advanced Tools Drawer helps you work faster.

Using the Advanced Tools Drawer you can make changes to your active and saved tools faster and with more granular control

Switching between the radial menu and the Advanced Tools Drawer
To open the Advanced Tools Drawer from the Radial Menu:

1. Open the Radial Menu 2. Select the ‘Advanced’ wedge at the bottom of the Radial Menu

To return to the Radial Menu from the Advanced Tools Drawer: press the Drawboard logo at the bottom of the favorites bar.

Using the Advanced Tools Drawer

Once enabled via the Radial Menu, the Advanced Tools Drawer will open on the right of the screen. You can close it by clicking outside the menu area (on your document), or on the active tool area.

At the top of your new favorites menu is your active tool. You can edit your active tool at any time by clicking it. You can also edit your favorites at any time by clicking them (see below).

Once open, there are four categories of tools in the Advanced Tools Drawer:

  1. Select: annotation and text selection tools

  2. Draw: Ink, eraser, text review, lines and shapes

  3. Insert: text, images, notes, signatures and bookmarks

  4. Measure: page calibration and measurement tools

Select a tool to edit its properties and/or add to your favorites bar.

Add favorites.

1. Adding to favorites is as easy as selecting ‘Add to favorites’, once you have configured the properties of your tool.

Editing favorites and Re-ordering favorites

To edit an existing favorite on the favorites bar:

  1. Open the Advanced Tools Drawer by clicking the active tool.

  2. Select your favourite on the favorites bar

  3. Use the property optionsto edit the favorite

  4. Your favorite will update in real-time. There is no need to click any ‘save’ button once you are done.

To re-order the tools on your favorites bar, you can either drag favorites around the favorites bar, or when the Advanced Tools Drawer is open, you can click the up and down arrows below the property configurations.

Note: once in Advanced Tools Drawer mode, you cannot switch the legacy favorites bar to the left hand side of the screen.

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