How do I change Drawboard PDF to Chinese, and then back to English?

As of version 5.8.110, we have added support for Chinese Language in Drawboard PDF.

To gain access to the Chinese version you will need to have Chinese as one of your display languages in your device settings. 

How this works is as follows:

Drawboard PDF will launch, and it will always default to English unless there is an option for Chinese. As you can see below there is Chinese and English in the settings. As Chinese is the top option, Drawboard PDF will launch and search these settings, it will see that Chinese is the preference, and because now, there is a Chinese option, the app will recognise this and launch in Chinese. If you have the settings the other way around, it will launch in English.

If in the event you have multiple languages selected the following applies:

1. English at the top - Drawboard PDF will launch in English
2. Chinese at the top - Drawboard will launch in Chinese. 
3. If you there is a third language, lets say Korean at the top. Then Drawboard PDF will look and see that it does not know Korean and will look at the next option. If the second option is English, it will launch in English. If the second option is Chinese it will launch in chinese
4. If you do have another language as your main preference, you can leave that as your display language, but just ensure the second option is the one you want to see Drawboard PDF in. 

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