View annotations made in Drawboard on my iOS and/or Android device

Sometimes annotations made on a Windows device are not visible on an iOS or Android device.

This problem is largely due to the fact that the native readers available on these platforms do not implement the PDF specification correctly. In addition, unfortunately native readers are used by many other app developers as an easy way to view PDFs, and so their software will suffer from this same issue.

To work around this limitation of other applications, you can flatten your annotations to the body of the document prior to sharing (you cannot unflatten annotations, so it is advised that you make a copy of your original marked up document if you require to make edits to these after sharing your document).

To flatten all annotations

  1. Open Document
  2. Go to the More tab on the main menu bar
  3. Select Annotations > Flatten Annotations.

To flatten single or groups of annotations

  1. Open Document
  2. Select the annotation you wish to flatten
  3. On the bottom menu bar, select Flatten

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