Insert and edit text

Insert Text

  1. Select the arrow next to the Insert option in the radial menu (or from the insert tab in the Advanced Tools Drawer). This opens the insert menu.
  2. Select the Text Insert option in the insert menu.
  3. Draw an area (with touch, stylus or left mouse and drag) on the screen of where to insert the text. This will open the text insert pop up.
  4. Enter the text that you wish to insert
  5. Click outside of the text insert popup to apply your changes

Edit inserted text

  1. When in the text tool, you can select once and it will allow you to edit the text within the text box
  2. When using any other tool, you can double tap with your finger and it will enter editing mode.

Change the size of the text edit box

  1. Select existing text in the document.
  2. Resize the text using the handles.

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