How to get Drawboard PDF if you accidentally uninstalled the preinstalled version

Drawboard PDF came preinstalled on all pre-2017 Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices (it might be called Drawboard PDF for Surface on your device).

However, the preinstalled app isn't actually linked to your Microsoft ID. I
f you have uninstalled a preinstalled version of Drawboard PDF, we've architected a workaround to get it back:
  1. Go to the Drawboard PDF listing on the Windows Store.
  2. Download a Trial of Drawboard PDF (you do not need to purchase the application), and the app will automatically unlock internally if you are on a Surface Book, Surface 3 or Surface Pro 4 (no other devices).
The Windows Store will still show that your app is in Trial, but internally the app will unlock to give you the full version. It is however important that you do not uninstall this Trial, as the Windows Store may prohibit you from downloading the Trial again.

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