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  1. Access the App Options

  2. Add a note to an annotation

  3. Add an item to the favorites toolbar (When in Radial Mode)

  4. Add bookmarks

  5. Add or change the author name

  6. Cannot Open Drawboard PDF. Error: 0x803f8001

  7. Change automatic ink smoothing

  8. Changing the view mode

  9. Clear all annotations from a document

  10. Disable page indicator, zoom controls, undo redo buttons and the navigation history buttons

  11. Display the information for a document

  12. Downloading my files from Dropbox is not working

  13. Draw a custom shape (Polygon)

  14. Drawboard does not work on all my devices ?

  15. Drawboard states trial expired but I purchased the app from the Windows Store

  16. Enable or disable Pressure Sensitive Ink

  17. Erase an annotation

  18. Error Messages

  19. Flatten all of the annotations in a document

  20. Flatten form fields

  21. Hide and show annotations on a document

  22. Highlight, squiggle, underline and strike out text

  23. How do I change my display language in Drawboard PDF.

  24. How do I find help for Drawboard PDF?

  25. How do I get Drawboard PDF PRO?

  26. How do I rate and review Drawboard PDF?

  27. How do I share my great ideas with you?

  28. How do I update my version of Drawboard PDF?

  29. I can not find Drawboard PDF in the Windows Store, has it been removed?

  30. I have an activation key. How do I use it?

  31. I have paid, but the app hasn't activated. I haven't received my activation key. What do I do?

  32. I returned my device, how do I get a refund for my apps ?

  33. I think I've found a problem - how do I report it?

  34. Import/export annotations (XFDF)

  35. Insert a shape annotation

  36. Insert an image

  37. Insert and edit text

  38. Insert and read a note

  39. Insert, Rotate and Delete Pages

  40. Keyboard shortcuts

  41. Manage bookmarks in a document

  42. Managing your PRO Subscription

  43. Move the favorites bar to a different side of the screen

  44. My trial expired can I get an extension ?

  45. Navigate to a specific page of a document

  46. Night mode

  47. Open a new document

  48. Opening the favorites bar

  49. Pin a document to the start screen

  50. Pin a new folder

  51. Pinned Folders

  52. Print a document

  53. PRO: Callouts

  54. PRO: Document Builder - Merge and rearrange PDFs

  55. PRO: Grid/Line Overlays

  56. PRO: Gridded/Lined Templates for Blank PDFs

  57. PRO: Inserting new pages with gridded/lined templates

  58. PRO: Measurement Tools - Calibrate, Linear and Area Measurements

  59. PRO: Protractor/Ruler

  60. Remove an item from the favorites toolbar (In Radial Mode)

  61. Repairing a corrupt PDF

  62. Rotate more than one page

  63. Save and Save As

  64. Search a document

  65. Select text

  66. Select Tools

  67. Set Drawboard PDF as the default app for PDF files

  68. Share a document

  69. Stylus button actions

  70. The Advanced Tools Drawer.

  71. The size of my file is very large, can I reduce this?

  72. Touch to Annotate with your finger

  73. Undo and redo

  74. View annotations made in Drawboard on my iOS and/or Android device

  75. What is Drawboard PDF PRO?

  76. What types of files can I open?

  77. Where can I download Drawboard PDF?

  78. Where does Drawboard store my autosave data?

  79. Why can't I see the Windows Store discount that is running?

  80. Why can't I share from Drawboard PDF to Outlook Desktop or O365?

  81. Why have we chosen the payment structure that we have for Drawboard PDF PRO?

  82. Why is my ink slow or lagging?

  83. Why isn't inking by touch smooth?

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